Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Training - Distance Learning

Texas - LCDC TrainingICDS offers the required education to become a counselor intern toward the LCDC license in the state of Texas. For information regarding tuition, curriculum, college credit, course requirements, etc., please visit the distance learning page or for information about classroom locations in Austin and Houston. click here.

About LCDC Training

ICDS LCDC Training provides the necessary education required for an individual to become a drug and alcohol counselor in the state of Texas.

Your path to becoming an LCDC

Step 1 Complete the first four phases of the distance learning LCDC training 270 hours 6 months - 1 year
Step 2 Work in an addiction counseling environment (called a practicum) and attend eight online classes with assignments 300 hours 2 - 5 months
Step 3 Begin a paid internship working in an addiction counseling environment. 4, 000 hours 2 years
Step 4 You are required to have an Associate degree or higher to obtain the license. Our LCDC distance learning program offers college credit in several ways. See our college credit page. 41.5-64 college credit hours* varies
Step 5 Complete the LCDC licensure exam. Take the ICRC licensure exam prep class or ICRC Licensure exam prep guide if you are interested in exam preparation.    
*Hours will vary depending on which courses can be transferred and how many hours have already been completed

LCDC Training Contact Information

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(866) 523-2669

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How to Apply for Distance Learning LCDC Training

Before you apply, please read through the distance learning page. Here you'll find important information about the program, important steps to enrolling, and an online application for enrollment.

For more information about becoming an LCDC, visit DSHS, the organization responsible for licensing LCDCs in the state of Texas.