Florida - CAC & CAP Certification Training | Distance Learning

Florida - CAC, CAS & CAP Distance Learning Training & CertificationThe credentials related to chemical dependency counseling in the state of Florida are broken down into two certifications:

  • CAC - Certified Addiction Counselor
  • CAP - Certified Addiction Professional

ICDS offers the required education to receive the CAC and CAP certifications in the state of Florida

CAC & CAP Certification Requirements




Degree minimum Associate's degree or High School Diploma/GED minimum Bachelor's degree
Work Experience 4,000 hours if Associate's degree or 6,000 hours if HSD/GED 6,000 hours
Supervision 150 hours if associate's degree or 300 hours if high school/GED 300 hours
Education 250 hours 350 hours
Test Florida specific exam, international exam (if reciprocity is desired)*, and oral exam (if reciprocity is desired)* Florida specific exam, international exam and oral exam**
*For reciprocity, 270 hours are required - additional 20 hours are offered by ICDS
**Oral exam exemption: For applicants applying for the CAP certification with a Master's Degree in a clinical counseling or counseling-related field (i.e., social work, mental health counseling, marriage and family, psychology), the oral exam may be waived if the following requirements are met: - Degree was received from a fully accredited institution, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation, AND EITHER: 1) Have at least 1 university-sponsored supervised clinical practicum, internship, or field experience in a counseling setting where you provided clinical services directly to clients, OR 2) Have registered Intern Status through the Agency or Health Care Administration A written request to waive the oral exam must accompany your application. Please note: Reciprocity, the ICADC certification and the SAP credential are not available unless the oral exam is completed.

Distance Learning Counselor Training

The distance learning page outlines the 350 hour curriculum to obtain the CAP credential. For information about the 150 hour and 250 hour curriculums, please contact the Florida ICDS distance learning director (below).

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