Clinical Supervision Certification Training - 30 CEU Hours Workshop

October 20 & 21, 2017 - 9:00am to 5:00pm, CST at the Houston Classroom Location!

The ICDS Clinical Supervision Certification Training is a 2-day workshop, plus a 14 hour home study, that fulfills the training requirement to become a Counselor Intern Supervisor in Texas, as well as a number of other states. Please check your state's addiction professionals certification board to confirm CI Supervisor certification requirements. In most cases, 30 hours will fulfill the training requirements.

The Clinical Supervision Training Addresses:

  • How to supervise counselor interns to ensure quality performance;
  • How to meet the requirements for documentation and supervision of CIs with a minimum of suffering by both parties;
  • How to write a CTI application and maintain your status with DSHS;
  • Sample curriculums to meet educational requirements for CIs;
  • Sample curriculum for supervisory standards and effective methods;
  • The roles of the clinical supervisor and methods of supervision in your environment;
  • Suggestions for creating a cohesive staff environment through clinical supervision;
  • All three modules also provide CEU hours.

Course Breakdown

  1. Module I - How to acquire and maintain CTI status - 8 CEU Hours Workshop
    • CTI application requirements
    • CTI staff training requirements
    • FAQ’s about CTI standards and rules
    • CTI compliance
  2. Module II - Providing supervision and completing documentation in your CTI - 8 CEU Hours Workshop
    • CI supervision in a CTI environment
    • Documentation forms and methods for completion
    • Education required for Counselor Interns (CIs) in the CTI environment (sample curriculum is included)
  3. Advanced Clinical Supervision - 14 hour independent study
    • Roles of the clinical supervisor
    • Methods of supervision
    • Suggestions for creating a cohesive staff environment through clinical supervision

Requirements to Become a Clinical Supervisor in Texas

Additional certification information is also available at

  • Currently licensed;
  • 10,000 hours (approximately five years) of counseling experience in the field of addiction counseling;
  • 4,000 hours (approximately two years) of actual supervisory experience in the field of addiction counseling (must include 200 contact hours of face-to-face clinical supervision);
  • Thirty hours of didactic training in clinical supervision. This must include at least six hours of training in each of the following areas: Assessment/Evaluation, Counselor Development, Management/Administration and Professional Responsibility;
  • One letter of reference from a supervisor and two letters of reference from peers;
  • Successful score on the ICRC Clinical Supervision Examination.