About ICDS

Institute of Chemical Dependency StudiesThe Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies, a NAADAC approved education provider, for Substance Abuse Counselor Education, sets the standard of excellence in initial, ongoing, and advanced clinical and professional training and development in the field of addiction counseling.

ICDS specializes in four elements of counselor education:

  1. Substance Abuse Counselor Education

    Our NAADAC approved training program is offered in a classroom and through distance learning. The training is accepted for certifications and licensures across the country, including LCDC, CADAC, CASAC, CADP and many others. Call 866-523-2669
  2. Certified Criminal Justice Professional CCJP

    Offered in a classroom and through distance learning. The CCJP training, a TCBAP approved training, is in conjunction with the LCDS Training Program. Call 866-523-2669 for more information
  3. Peer Recovery Coach Training

    There is a growing awareness nationwide that addiction is a chronic disease requiring more than acute intervention. For more information about this TCBAP approved training, please call us at 866-523-2669.
  4. Counselor CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

    ICDS offers NAADAC, LSWCE, OASAS, CCAPP, and TCBAP and online CEUs for certified/licensed counselors. ICDS will also travel to you to provide CEUs.
  5. Additional Certification Courses

    Counselors wishing to expand their knowledge can achieve an additional TCBAP approved certification through ICDS: Certified Anger Resolution Therapist Training.
  6. ICRC Test Review and Preparation

    The ICRC test is the most common credentialing test for prospective drug and alcohol counselors. It is required in most states for prospective addiction professionals. ICDS provides the necessary materials to prepare for the examination ICDS provides quality, comprehensive Workshops for the ICRC examination. ICRC Workshops for 2017 are tentatively scheduled for June, September and December. Stay tuned for details!
  7. Outpatient Treatment Services

    If you or anyone you know is seeking intensive outpatient treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse and addiction we have the resources to provide it. If you want to learn more about our Outpatient Treatment Services, click here to learn more.

ICDS Program History

ICDS has been training counselors since 1992, offering students the option of completing their counselor training in a classroom location or on-line via distance learning.

Our NAADAC approved chemical dependency counselor training gives students the national standard of knowledge, education, and skills to successfully work in the field of chemical dependency and substance abuse counseling.

Our courses are eligible for transfer credit into a number of colleges and universities, including the University of Phoenix and Central Texas College. For information about college credit, see the college credit page.

The curriculum focuses on all aspects of chemical dependency, including counseling techniques, the function and responsibilities of a case manager, family needs and recovery issues, training in intervention techniques and facilitation, dual diagnosis treatment, adolescent drug abuse services and counseling, adult children of alcoholics needs and services, sexual addiction education, eating disorders education, relapse prevention and ethics.

Counselor CEUs

Our TCBAP approved Counselor Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are offered in two formats: classroom training in Houston or through independent study. Independent study CEUs range from 3 CEU hours to 15 CEU hours. Independent study CEUs can be ordered quickly and securely through Paypal - you have the choice of receiving your order through email or mail.

Certification Courses

Our TCBAP approved Certification courses are designed for licensed/certifed professionals wishing to expand their expertise. The following certification courses are offered in varied formats:

  1. Certified Prevention Specialist Training
  2. Clinical Supervision Training
  3. Certified Anger Resolution Therapist Training

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